Kitchen appliances-Color is Cool!

One of our Facebook page questions this week asked for ones preference on kitchen appliances-stainless, colored, or paneled fronts. Stainless seemed the front runner with my friends however I hate to break the news: they are about to date their kitchens.

Hello 70s-Colored appliances are trending back into style. I’m not talking about black and white either.

But bright blue from Viking

Viking appliances in blue


and vibrant red from AGA

AGA red refrigerator


and retro cuties like this from Big Chill

Big Chill Orange frig

The Big Chill

No need to play it safe in the kitchen with these choices.

Mr. H says: Bright colors reflect a bright personality-Enjoy!

PS-Speaking of colors-check out these colors of our lovely city last evening-Gorgeous.

Charleston sunset

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