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Five Luxe Living Room Tips

When it comes to designing your living space, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it appear like you spent a lot of money. Here are some shortcuts to creating a luxurious living room without breaking the bank.

Layered lighting

Lighting up a space the right way is important and a topic that I have written about before. Having a variety of light sources adds depth to a room. Utilize a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting that can be adjusted based on the time of day or mood of the occupant.  Dimmer switches allow for complete control of lighting levels.

Bernhardt luxury living room

Beautiful Textiles

Toss some pillows in an opulent velvet or an exotic print onto the sofa for a luxurious update. Custom pillows can be found in designer fabrics on Etsy and many other online sources. Reusing old pillow forms saves money too.

Eastern Accents

Drapery to the floor

Curtains that do not go to the floor look skimpy. Hang rods as close to the ceiling as possible so that windows appear tall. Choose a fabric that blends with the wall color and doesn’t create contrast if you are concerned about overwhelming the space.

Large Art Pieces

Oversized art makes a daring focal point in a space. Large artwork somehow just looks so much more expensive than smaller pieces. Keep the colors and patterns of the piece subtle so that it seamlessly blends with the rest of your decor.

Renwil Artwork


Improve a rooms interior architecture with applied wall and crown moldings. While adding a visual presence, upscale moldings, make a home feel substantial and well built.

Daniel Island Interior Design
J. Rhodes Interior Design

Mr. H says: The living room is where we come to slow down the world for just a second-Enjoy!

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Windows by Hunter Douglas

Custom sized window shades from Hunter Douglas are an economical yet beautiful way to cover your windows.  Find my shortlist of favorites products.

Always the pioneer in innovative window coverings, Hunter Douglas introduced their Silhouette shade in 1991.

This ingenious design features soft fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabrics all of which rolls up into a compact headrail.

Silhouette  shades come in a rainbow of colors; my preference though is for the fabric color to coordinate with the window trim.

Drapery panels frame the windows while the Silhouette shades provide varying levels of light control

Natural woven shades are another favorite for their warm, casual style.

Hunter Douglas Provenance woven woods shades are made from natural woods, bamboo, reeds and grasses.


When raised, Provence Woven Wood shades, create soft overlapping folds

Layering drapery and woven window shade generates interest and depth at the window

Check out Hunter Douglas to view all their beautiful window products.

Mr. H says: You are the window through which you see your world-Enjoy!

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Window Treatments: Valances

For a pop of color at the window, the valance reigns supreme.  One of the simplest of decorative window treatments, it can be fabricated in a number of fabrics in many different styles.

These are a few examples from a home we did on Kiawah Island.

Not your average kitchen valance.  Tropical print is contrast lined in a brick color fabric.

J. Rhodes interior design window valance design

Notice the rope trim detail at the pleats

J. Rhodes interior design window valance design

A sweet, scalloped bottom valance in a bold floral print

J. Rhodes interior design scallop bottom valance

Gathered valance, on a curved rod,  in a cream color embroidered fabric in the master bath

J. Rhodes interior design Kiawah bath

Beaded trim adds an elegant touch

J. Rhodes interior design Kiawah house

Another fun print in the morning room

J. Rhodes interior design Kiawah beach house

Shell motif brackets were used to install this valance in a guest bath

Beach house valance design ideas

Mr. H says: Details and accessories make for good window dressing-Enjoy!

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Window treatments: Drapery

Draperies, or curtains, are the most popular window treatments of all.  Ready made panels can be found in variety of fabrics, colors, widths and lengths.  They are the most easily altered and I must admit that I have my own drapery panels that are in their third incarnation.

Magazines are loaded with photos of beautiful rooms with gorgeous curtains so today we are going to focus on the details.  Unique heading styles (the top part of a curtain or drapery) and cool hardware can make the most ordinary fabric come alive.

Robert Allen ( is one of my go to lines for drapery hardware.  A broad selection of wood and metal with a myriad of finials to choose from. Check out the heading styles in their photography, tie tops and the simple inverted pleats.

Robert Allen Bedpost drapery hardware

obert Allen drapery hardware

Other header styles: flat pleated top and a cuffed flat panel.

Flat panel pleated drapery header Flat panel pleated drapery header

Tap top and grommet top

 Grommet top drapery panels

Tab top drapery panels

When choosing drapery hardware you don’t want to skimp on the rod.  You never want the hardware to look as though it can’t support the weight of the curtains.  Proportion is critical!

Some other examples of designer hardware from Brimar (

Brimar Cordial Finial 

Other hot tips:

-hang draperies from the ceiling or just below the crown molding to lift the eye and make the windows appear tall

-extend hardware out beyond the window trim and fill in with the curtain panels to give the illusion of a wider window

-draperies should break at the floor, anything shorter is going to look like high water pants.

Mr. H says: Nothing is in good taste unless it suits the way you live-Enjoy!

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Window treatments: Shades

In our continuing Design School series we are studying window treatments this week and today’s topic is all about shades.  Humans have been covering their windows for privacy, light control, insulation and decoration since man moved out of the cave.  Window shades provide a simple unobtrusive solution to all these issues.

Roman shades, which can be made with most any type of fabric, have a tailored look.  This kitchen gets a dose of color and pattern from its window treatment.

Blue and white roman shade
Smith & Noble

Glamorous sheer, grey roman shade

Robert Allen Sheer Roman Shade
Robert Allen

We used traditional roller shades, under a soft valance, in this Kiawah Island master bath.   The translucent fabric allowed light in while giving sufficient privacy.

Roller shades in master bath
J. Rhodes Interior Design

Hunter Douglas has a vast product line including Duette and roller shades, along with my favorite product the Silhouette shade.  With adjustable blades suspended between sheer fabric, it is a cross between a blind and a shade.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette shade
Hunter Douglas

Another favorite, is Hunter Douglas’ Provenance Woven Wood Shades.  Combining wood, grass and bamboo in several natural colors, these shades have a wonderful organic quality.

Hunter Douglas Provenence Woven Wood
Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Provenence Woven Woods
Hunter Douglas

Get your notebooks ready since we’ll be studying drapery in tomorrow’s class.  Speaking of windows I loved seeing Gabby, over at Furniture Works Upholstery, enjoying her view of the world!

Furniture Works-J. Rhodes Interior Design

Furniture Works J. Rhodes Interior Design

Mr. H says: Who ever said that something attractive couldn’t be functional-Enjoy!