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Anniversary Gifts

Three years of wedded bliss.  Check out these traditional and contemporary gift meanings.

The traditional gift for the third year of marriage is leather.  Durable, strong, yet resilient are all qualities that make a happy marriage.

A classic leather recliner

Leathercraft chair

A gorgeous white leather jacket

White leather jacket

The modern third year gift is crystal loved for its dazzling, but fragile beauty.

A modern Schonbek crystal chandelier

Schonbek crystal chandelier

A lovely Lenox decanter for your fine spirits

Traditional 3rd anniversary colors are jade green

and White

The Sunflower is the traditional 3rd Anniversary flower representing loyalty and longevity

Sunflower in vase

Mr. H says: A spouse is someone who’ll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn’t have had if you were single-Enjoy!