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Red, white and blue fabrics

With the upcoming 4th of July celebrations upon us, many of us think of red, white, and blue as the unofficial colors of summer.   These patriotic colored fabrics however prove that the colors of the United States are seasonal and timeless.

Chairloom updates this classic chair with Duralee’s ikat print Sulu American Beauty

Chairloom Duralee Sulu AmericanBeauty

Robert Allen’s bold Artful Floral in poppy

Robert Allen Artful Floral Poppy

Robert Allen fabrics were used to create this picnic scene at DIFFA’s Picnic by Design event

DIFFA picnic with Robert Allen Fabrics

A modern outdoor fabric by Duralee

15708-206 Duralee fabric

Birds of a feather flock together in Thibaut’s Imperial Garden collection

Thibaut Imperial Garden Giselle

Achieve a vintage look with Stout’s Telford in Sangria


Studio 773 Americana pillow collection

Studio 773 American Pillows

Saffron Marigold’s Kashmiri shawl inspired vintage paisley print bedding in blue, red and cream.

Saffron Marigold  Bedding red white and blue paisley

Thibaut sets the scene poolside in their Batik print from the Courtyard collection.

Thibaut Courtyard Batik

What the colors of the United States flag represent: The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness and valor, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Mr. H says: My patriotic heart beats red, white, and blue-Enjoy!

4th of July dogs


Ask Sherwin Williams

The advertising slogan “Ask Sherwin-Williams” was on all the attendees mind as we celebrated the opening of their newest store in the Charleston area.  Founded in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, Sherwin-Williams has defined the modern paint industry.  As the nation’s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies, Sherwin-Williams is continuing to expand it’s paint empire.   With over 3,900 stores across North America, Sherwin-Williams offers exceptional products, resources and service.   Visit their brand new location at 255 Ben Sawyer Boulevard in Mt Pleasant.

Sherwin Williams paint colors

The HGTV Color Collection


Brushes and rollers for every painting project

Sherwin Williams Mt. Pleasant

Project helpers at the ready

Sherwin Williams paint store

Find them across all the social media platforms

Sherwin Williams on social media

Wine and chocolate to celebrate the Mt. Pleasant grand opening

Sherwin Williams paint store

Mr. H says: There is no beauty without color-Enjoy!

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Charleston Green

The development tale of the deep, nearly black Charleston Green color, spins like this:   During Reconstruction following the Civil War, Union troops sent buckets of black paint to the Holy City. Legend has it that residents of Charleston would not concede to using the color on their homes and in a defiant act added some yellow and green paint creating the city’s signature color.

Duron Charleston Green

This historic color can be seen around Charleston, mostly as an accent on shutters, doors, iron work and sometimes exterior trim.

Charleston Green French Doors photo: John Bessler

Garden accents are great way to utilize the color since the color looks black unless the sun hits it just right then you can appreciate the very deep green hue.

Arbor in Charleston Green

Many of the porch rockers and joggling boards in town sport the Charleston Green color

The Joggle Factory Charleston Green joggling board

Paint manufacture, Sherwin Williams,  features “historic Charleston green”  DCR099 in their Colors of Historic Charleston collection.

If you’d like to mix up your own batch of Charleston Green just as our Southern ancestors did, local tour guide Mrs. Jane Thornhill, has this recipe:

10 ounces black paint | 4 ounces green paint | 1/2 ounce yellow paint

Charleston green shutter

Mr. H says: The most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most-Enjoy!

color interior design

Pick Paint like a Pro

Painting a room a new color is a simple and inexpensive way to transform a space so follow these tips for picking the right color.  Without giving away too many trade secrets here are some simple tips to picking the right colors for your home.

Know the wheel:  The color wheel is an essential tool to use when developing color schemes.

The Color Wheeel

Color schemes fall into three categories: complementary, analogous, and neutral. Complementary schemes combine a primary and secondary color from opposite sides of the color wheel like blue and orange. Analogous colors are either warm such as reds, oranges, and yellows or cool with greens, blues, and violets. Neutrals are colors not included in a color wheel, such as browns, whites, and blacks.

Photo by Summer Thornton Design, Inc 

Coordinate paint colors with the rooms furnishings.  Highlight a favorite painting or rug by letting it inspire your color scheme. The trick is to choose a paint color that blends with the pieces instead of matching it exactly.

Photo by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Never choose colors in the store…Bring samples home.  Cut apart sample strips so that you can look at the colors individually.

Paint chip samples

Large samples are a must!  Before you commit to an eggplant dining room, paint large samples around the room to get a feel for the color.

Photo by Rachel Reider Interiors

Mr. H says: The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you-Enjoy!

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Best Interior Design Apps Ever

Interior Design may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are using your smart phone or tablet but now it is easier than ever to pull a design scheme together using these very hip design apps.


Benjamin Moore Color Capture  and Sherwin Williams Color Snap:  Check out these innovative apps when facing your next painting project.  Both apps use the latest technology which allow you to take a picture of any color on a wall, car, object, or even a magazine photo and the app will match it with a very similar Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color. It takes the guess work out of choosing the colors that strike you most. Free and available for iPhone and Android phones.

Sherwin Williams Color Snap  Benjamin Moore Color Capture


Called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, Houzz boasts an enormous database of home ideas on the web.  Browse over 900,000 photos by style, room or designer and save them to your virtual idea book.  This Android app is free and allows you to save your photos for offline access.

Interior Design! is another source for stunning interior design images from around the world by leading photographers.  iPhone, IPod touch and IPad. $2.99

A highly addictive, image rich site, Remodelista has room photo galleries and a city guide with images in specific areas along with a stylishly curated shopping link.  It’s great for anyone considering a remodeling project in 2013. The app makes it easy to browse Remodelista’s daily content, including inspiring architecture, stylish DIY projects, 10 Easy Pieces product roundups, and Steal This Look. Available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad $2.99

Remodelista app


This well reviewed design app, Master-Design Furnish allows you to draw your rooms and furnishings then obtain a three dimensional rendering of them. Free for Android

Master Design Furnish app 1

Mark on Call Whether you’re redesigning a room, or rearranging it, lay it out first with this helpful app that allows you to input the exact measurements of your room, furniture, accessories, and more to see where everything will fit best. iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad $2.99

Mark on Call app

Mr. H says: Never forget that interior design is not about a look but a point of view-Enjoy!

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Key West Colors

Well its back to the old blog after a lovely time in Key West.  I never really understood what all the fuss was about this place, having never been, but now I know.   Key West’s charm certainly worked its magic on this weary designer.  I especially loved the colors of all those fabulous cottages.

Mint and Pale Green-soothing and cool

Green house and shutters Key West

Gray and Pink-elegant and feminine

Gray house with Pink shutters Key West

White and Red-lively and bold

Key West White and Red house

Yellow and Purple-perfect complements

Yellow and purple Key West house

White and lavender-flirty and sweet

Purple shutters Key West

Of course no vacation would be complete without a few fun dog photos.  We enjoyed meeting Roxie at the Salsa Local.  It’s obvious the owner does not want her sampling the burritos.

Key West Salsa Local

And while window shopping one day on Duval Street we came upon these tiny creatures:

How much is that doggy... Mini pin

Mr. H says: Expand your vision and you will notice new color harmonies all around you-Enjoy!