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Top kitchen trends for 2021

The old saying that the kitchen is the heart of a home has rung true, especially during this past year.  For many, it’s not just the place to prepare meals but also an area to work at home or a place for the kid’s homework. A kitchen remodel usually tops the wish list of home renovation projects and a great deal of attention goes into kitchen planning when constructing a new house.

The 2021 Houzz Kitchen Study reveals the top choices and colors when it comes to kitchen design.  Read on to see where your preferences fall.   

White Prevails.  Shades of white are the preferred choice for cabinets, countertops and backsplash material in both renovations and new construction.  Light wood cabinetry follows second with gray coming in third for top cabinet colors.

White kitchen design
Classic Kitchens of Charleston

Island of Color.  41% of homeowners prefer a contrasting island, either with a different cabinet color or countertop material.

Contrast color kitchen island ideas
Signature Kitchens & Baths of Charleston photo: Dickson Dunlap

Top of the List.  When remodeling, countertops, backsplashes and sinks are the most important upgrades.  Engineered quartz is the most popular counter material followed by granite.

Cambria quartz Torquay countertop
Cambria Quartz “Torquay”

Ceramic or porcelain tile is the top pick for backsplashes and most homeowners bring their tile to up to the cabinets or range hood.

Sonoma Tilemakers-Mirazur Copa backsplash tile
Sonoma Tilemakers

Wood versus Tile.   In the survey, tile is the preferred material for floors especially wood look tile.  Hardwood floor is still popular though mainly in lighter, natural tones.

Crossville Tile Storyteller wood look tile
Crossville Tile “Storyteller”

Stainless Reigns.  From appliances to plumbing, stainless steel is favored choice among homeowners. 

Moen Sleek Stainless Faucet
Moen “Sleek” faucet

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Best Home Design Trends for 2020

If there is one way to describe the interior design trends we will see more of in 2020, it’s that anything goes. Strong geometric patterns, new interpretations of neutrals and texture everywhere are just a few of the trends we are incorporating into our projects.

Color as a neutral: This trend started popping up on Instagram, with lots of images of navy blue cabinetry, a few seasons ago. Going a step further, watch for saturated hues of green, red and gold jewel tones on walls, tile and in furnishings.

Kravet Fabric and Furniture
Michael Berman for Kravet

Layered patterns: As with fashion, there are no rules for mixing different patterns in a single outfit. In homes, walls, windows and floors can all have their own unique pattern while forming a cohesive look.

Interior design mixing patterns
HRI Design

High contrast design: Monochromatic spaces feel fresh with bold accents. Bright whites juxtaposed with dark grey, rich black, and those deep jewel tones like red add depth to a space.

High contrast interior design
ZLINE Kitchen and Bath

Natural materials: Marble especially will be a major player in kitchen and bath materials, as well as accessories and lighting for the rest of the house.

Marble table lamp-Curey
Currey and Company

Textured Surfaces: Add dimension to your space by incorporating texture on walls or ceilings. Wallpaper, faux finishes and textured paint can all be used to achieve a certain look. Added bonus: textures hide drywall imperfections

Thibaut wallpaper

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Four High Point Market Trends

Straight from the source-these four top interior design trends were everywhere at this Spring’s High Point Furniture Market.


Fur textures were still on display however macrame emerged as the hottest new look.  It makes sense that this fringed trend found a second wind in this era of handmade globalism.


Selamat Designs


This colorful, crystallized rock is in big demand appearing in a range of home design products.  With it’s gemstone quality, agate items add a touch of glamour and luxury.

Bradburn Home


Even images of agate made an appearance






Wendover Art Group


Another retro design trend, Lucite acrylic, is enjoying resurgence in home furnishings and for good reason.  This chic plastic material is real furniture workhorse and translucent pieces don’t take up visual space in a room.

Interlude Home

Notice the subtle acrylic legs on the Swaim sofa



The severe industrial look from years past has been replaced with a welcoming curvilinear vibe. The shapes are undeniably inviting and studies have shown that curvy furniture evokes feelings of relaxation.




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The Hottest Interior Design Trends for Spring

It may still be rather cold and dingy for some parts of the country, but cheer up!  Spring will arrive eventually and we have some great trend to look forward to this Spring.

Gelato Colors

Easter eggs are not the only thing that look good in bright pastels.  Once confined to children’s rooms, these spring time shades are surprisingly versatile.

Jan Showers for Curated Kravet

Geometric Patterns

A bold design comes from mixing geometric patterns with lush florals.  Wallpaper, decorative tiles and fabrics with strong contrasting colors can be used to create a striking effect.

Thibaut Design

Live Plants

I’ve blogged about plantscaping before and this trend is hotter than ever.  Indoor plants bring an ever changing living element to a space that are believed to be good for health, and help clean the indoor air.

photo by Jason Leung

Iridescent Finishes

Perfect for spring, subtle iridescent finishes that catch the light and create instant glamour in a room.  Shimmery wallpapers and decorative paint effects are just a few ways to integrate this hot trend.

Osborne & Little Lovelace wallpaper


After several years, this trend is still going strong.  Look for warm gold accents on furniture, lighting, cabinet hardware and bath fixtures to incorporate this design movement into your space.

photo: 24 Design Construction


This global trend took hold last year and will continue well into 2018.   Perhaps it stems from our desire to escape this chaotic world to luxury tropical vacation…

Pier One

Mr. H says: Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter-Enjoy!

Top interior design trends for 2018

Is a home redesign in your new year’s resolution?  I’ve rounded up the hottest trends of 2018 that you might consider in your next interior design project.

Kitchen Colors:  We are moving away from the white, antiseptic kitchens resembling medical labs and moving towards colors, real colors, that provide depth and warmth to the busiest place in the home.

Signature Kitchens and Bath Charleston Photo by Jim Somerset

Statement Ceilings:  I’ve blogged before on the often ignored ceiling as a design surface.  Bold colors, coffers, wood ship lap and wallpaper are just a few elements that can bring a wow factor to a room.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Organic: Natural materials, that are eco-friendly and responsibly harvested, are handcrafted into lighting, furniture, wallpaper and fabric.

Jeffan International

Bold Velvet: The lush new, poly-blend velvet fabrics that have inundated the market in recent years are poised to take over everyone’s living room.  Rich colors, add elegance and luxury in one sophisticated child proof package.

Theodore Alexander

Metallics: As I wrote in a previous blog, glimmering metals can make a space more glamorous.  This trend will be seen in homes for years to come.

Brownstone Furniture

Big Prints: Large scale printed fabrics are enjoying a renaissance.  From big, chintz floral patterns to bold contemporary designs, these statement fabrics are appeaing in rooms of every style.

Osborne & Little

Cozy living: Snug and sheltered are the keys to the cozy living movement playing off our desire for a simple, quiet, disconnected lifestyle where home is our haven.

photo by Behy Studio

Handmade Fixtures: Artisan fixtures made of forged metal, blown glass or other natural materials will be the focus for investment statement pieces.

Hammerton Studio

Matte Black:  In kitchen and bath trends, matte black fixtures are on the fast track to replace the polished and satin nickel finishes that have dominated the market the last few years.

Delta Faucets

Olive Green: While not the Pantone color of the year, the earthy sophisticated aesthetic of olive green is a super star in the design world.  Green is making a comeback in many ways and this soft, natural color complements the cozy home trend for 2018.

Mr. H says: Good design never dates-Enjoy!

Ten ways to add glamour with gold

Metallic gold continues to be on trend through the New Year.   Bring the golden touch home with these glamorous decor ideas.

Luxurious hand made gold leaf wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries-Deco Leaf in Sunburst.

Phillip Jeffries

Antique gold frame sunburst mirror

Bradburn Home

Pillows are an easy and non committal way to add glitter.  Gold metallic and white printed pillows from Caitlin Wilson.

Caitlin Wilson

Luxury reigns in the Goya collection by Lizzo.  The Abanico print conjures up a vintage feel in this thoroughly modern pattern with gold embellishments.



A starburst of Venetian glass teardrops and high shine gold refract and reflect to create sparkle.


Hand-knotted in wool and silk, Feizy’s Escalante rug in ivory and gold was named “Most Luxurious” by Feizy customers.


Start a party with festive gold Bubble glassware from Tinsley Mortimer












Silky velvet Winchester curtains panels in Coin.

Eastern Accents

Ivory and gold accent chest

Bradburn Home

Don’t forget that dogs like bling too!










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Top Three Spring 2016 High Point Market Trends

The Spring 2016 High Point market featured the best new products and ideas for the home.  These are three of the biggest trends spotted at this season’s furniture market.

The Color Blue

So many of the showrooms were awash in shades of blue.  Indigo, cobalt and cerulean made appearances in fabrics, lighting and accessories.

The very blue Duralee showroom

Duralee High Point Showroom

Capel Rugs “Flash” rug in indigo

Capel Rugs "Flash" Indigo

Taylor Burke Home navy pendant light

Taylor Burke Home Navy Pendant

Lacquer Furniture

Straddling the line between traditional and modern, lacquer furniture adds instant glamour to any decor.

Worlds Away orange lacquer desk

Worlds Away orange lacquer desk

Moes Home Collection black lacquer cabinet

Moes Home Collection black lacquer cabinet

John Richard red lacquer cabinet

John Richard red lacquer cabinet


Both faux and real was the biggest trend at this Spring’s market.   Providing deep texture, fur is playful yet sophisticated.

Moe’s Home Collection fur pillows

Moe's Home Collection fur pillows

Fur backed chairs chairs from Currey and Company

Currey and Company fur backed chairs

Interlude Hone featured luxe acrylic and fur benches

Interlude acrylic and fur stools

Not sure whether to sit or pet this luxurious Glassimo fur and glass chair

Glassimo fur and glass chair

High Point Furniture Market can be tiring to even the most seasoned visitor!

High Point Furniture Market dog

Mr. H says:  The best trends are the ones that make you look and feel great-Enjoy!

Lacquer Looks

Lustrous. Dramatic. Shimmering like a mirage, lacquer walls transform the most staid rooms into an unforgettable space.  Layers of high gloss paint, water based varnish and a good painter is all that is needed to achieve this glamorous look.
A glossy kelly green is a dazzling in this New York hallway by designer Thom Felicia.
Cocoa lacquer walls create depth in this relaxed living space by Muse Interiors.
The ceiling is a great surface to add shine as it reflects light making a room brighter. Designer Tobi Fairley used a navy blue in this glamorous bedroom project.
Wallpaper is a short cut to getting the lacquer look.  Phillip Jeffries offers a Vinyl paper with a shiny finish in a variety of fabulous colors.

Phillip Jeffries

Lacquer furniture is a simple way to introduce a touch of glamour to a room.  The shiny cobalt blue of this Jonathon Adler desk puts a non traditional spin on an otherwise classic piece.
Jonathan Adler cobalt blue laquer desk
Worlds Away cherry red lacquer stools
Worlds Away "Biggs" red lacquer bench
Lighting such as Arteriors Home “coral” inspired, white lacquered resin chandelier, inserts a bit of whimsy and glitz into a space
Arteriors Diallo white lacquer chandelier
Magenta and Citrus lacquer lighting from Wildwood Lamps

  Wildwood Lamps Astrid magenta lacquer lamp     Wildwood Lamps Lauren yellow lacquer lamp

Your pooch will dine in high style with these lacquered stainless food bowls.

Lacquered stainless steel dog bowls

Mr. H says: There is not a thought in our heads that has not been worn shiny by other brains-Enjoy!

Interior Design Trends for 2016

Happy New Year!  January is the perfect time to implement those home updates you’ve been wanting to pursue.  Read on for interior design trends that you may want to incorporate into your next interior design project.

Black And Gray Appliances:  While colored appliances have been trending for some time.  For those that are terrified of a cobalt blue refrigerator, there are some new alternatives to the polished stainless steel that has dominated the appliance industry.  Dark gray and blackened steel are showing up in product lines giving consumers neutral, matte choices that don’t show fingerprints and work seamlessly into most kitchen concepts.


GE slate gray appliance color

Simplicity Of Design: The architect, Mies van der Rohe’s mantra of  ‘less is more’ will dominate interiors in 2016.  Elegant spaces with luxurious finishes, upscale furniture pieces and minimal embellishments are the on trend style.

Formal Dining: Regardless of whether you have a separate dining room or not, enjoying a meal at a fully appointed table is in fashion again.

Williams Sonoma

Furniture With Curves: We are instinctual drawn to organic curves and soft edges, while angles and straight lines often create a subconscious discomfort.  Look for sinuous furniture forms to be in abundance at this year’s furnishings markets.

Swaim furniture F315 dining chair

Brownstone Furniture Palmer Cocktail Table
Brownstone Furniture

Global Influence:  The ethnic trend will continue well into 2016 with exotic patterns and vibrant colors energizing textiles and furnishings in the interior design industry.


Kravet Jaipur Fabric Collection

Tech Free Living Rooms:  Bring back the art conversation by going tech free in living room by banning TV, computers and wireless.  Have guests check their phones at the door for an unplugged evening of personal re-connection.

Candice Olson-Curated Kravet

Mr. H says: In the New Year celebrate what you want to see more of-Enjoy!

Trendy Trim Colors

Break out of the design norm when selecting colors for your next painting project.  Similar to the white ceiling mantra found in so many homes, ask yourself “Why does the trim need to be white?”

While whitish trim is a safe bet and allows for the repainting of walls without changing the trim color, there is another neutral that complements a plethora of hues-black.

Choosing to keep wood trim looking like wood provides instant warmth and coziness to a space.

Trim colors that are darker than the walls highlight and define a room’s architectural details

Expand a space’s size by painting the trim and walls in the same color.

Mr. H says: Color can do anything that black and white can-Enjoy!