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Red, white and blue fabrics

With the upcoming 4th of July celebrations upon us, many of us think of red, white, and blue as the unofficial colors of summer.   These patriotic colored fabrics however prove that the colors of the United States are seasonal and timeless.

Chairloom updates this classic chair with Duralee’s ikat print Sulu American Beauty

Chairloom Duralee Sulu AmericanBeauty

Robert Allen’s bold Artful Floral in poppy

Robert Allen Artful Floral Poppy

Robert Allen fabrics were used to create this picnic scene at DIFFA’s Picnic by Design event

DIFFA picnic with Robert Allen Fabrics

A modern outdoor fabric by Duralee

15708-206 Duralee fabric

Birds of a feather flock together in Thibaut’s Imperial Garden collection

Thibaut Imperial Garden Giselle

Achieve a vintage look with Stout’s Telford in Sangria


Studio 773 Americana pillow collection

Studio 773 American Pillows

Saffron Marigold’s Kashmiri shawl inspired vintage paisley print bedding in blue, red and cream.

Saffron Marigold  Bedding red white and blue paisley

Thibaut sets the scene poolside in their Batik print from the Courtyard collection.

Thibaut Courtyard Batik

What the colors of the United States flag represent: The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness and valor, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Mr. H says: My patriotic heart beats red, white, and blue-Enjoy!

4th of July dogs

decorating Holidays

Holiday Decor Don’ts

It’s time to deck the halls and you can keep your decor merry and bright by following some simple rules.

Don’t start your holiday decorating without clearing out the clutter.  Adding holiday decor to an already overstuffed space makes for an unhappy home.  Remove art, accessories and even furniture that don’t fit your decorating theme.

Photo by It’s The Little Things
Don’t forget to measure your ceiling height before shopping for a Christmas tree.  Bring along a tape measure to scale your tree choice too.

Too tall christmas tree

Don’t try to decorate every room of your home.  Make an impression by focusing on the areas of the house your family uses most.

Photo by Piccadilly Design 

Don’t adhere to red and green color schemes.  Purple, blue, gold, silver and white all make for a festive atmosphere.


Don’t forget the natural decor in your yard.  Wreaths, garlands and festive tablescapes can all be created from outside your door.  Seal naturals in an airtight container and place in the freezer for 24 hours to kill pests.

Williams Sonoma

Don’t leave candles unattended.  Use non-flammable holders and keep away from children, pets and items that can catch fire such as trees, other evergreens, decorations, curtains and furniture.

Pottery Barn

Take Mies van der Rohe’s “Less is More” advice. In a season where we visually assaulted at every turn practice some restraint with your own holiday decor.

Ballard Designs

Don’t keep the lights on all night.  Regardless of how tasteful they may appear, your neighbors and the electric company would appreciate them being extinguished at some point. Lights can be controlled on a timer to prevent your neighborhood from glowing for weeks on end.

Exterior house Christmas lights

Don’t decorate the pets.  Choking, strangulation and suffocation are enough reason to keep your fur kids free of humiliating costumes.

Dog holiday costume

Mr. H says: Christmas is a box of tree ornaments that have become part of the family-Enjoy!

charity charleston

Friday Five: Make Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th and here are five ways to celebrate the day with mom.

1-Take her to brunch.  It will be easy to find one that suits mom’s tastes with all the amazing dining choices in Charleston.

82 Queen brunch

2-Have a family photo made.  It may have been awhile since you had a portrait made with the entire family and what better way to commemorate the day then a group shot.

Happy family portrait

3-Instead of cut flowers, plant her a rose-bush.  Easy care, Knock Out roses, have exceptional disease resistance and hardiness.

Knock out roses

4-Hire a cleaning service.  Give mom a break from the household chores with a few hours of professional help.

Cleaning service

5-Volunteer together.  Celebrate life’s blessings by helping others.  Serve a meal a meal to the homeless, pet animals at a shelter, or clean up a roadway…the need is great and endless.

Mr. H says: No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift of life to you-Enjoy!

Holidays interior design Shopping

Erin Go Bragh

We’ll hear “Erin Go Bragh” many times tomorrow on St. Patrick’s Day but what exactly does it mean.  The most common translation is “Ireland Forever” meaning allegiance to Ireland.  In honor of the day that we American’s dye our rivers green, parade down Broad Street, and drink green beer, here are some fabulous Irish products made on the Emerald Island.

Enjoy that Guinness in this lovely Galway Irish Crystal mug.  Galway Crystal is one of the world’s best known brands of crystal with pieces in both the White House and the Vatican.

Galway Beer Tankard

Your soda bread will taste so much better when served on this lovely Belleek plate.  Made by hand, no two pieces are alike.

Belleek shamrock bread plate

Cuddle up with a Aran wool blanket.  Spun from sheep’s wool of the Aran Islands, this blanket has a traditional diamond cable motif.

Aran Wool Blanket

Mr. H says: A good friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have-Enjoy!