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Six expert painting tips

Use these professional, no fail tips when you embark on your next interior painting project.

Give it a test run:  Paint several large samples on the wall around the entire room.   Never paint several sample colors side by as your eye will blend all the colors together.  If you are considering several shades, isolate each one to get an accurate read on how the color looks. See how it appears in all light levels including at night and on overcast days before deciding.

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The Fifth Wall

Break out of the white ceiling norm with a beautiful color overhead.  Often overlooked, the ceiling of a room is a blank canvas that should be included in a space’s total design plan.

The illusion of the sky is created by painting the ceiling pale blue in between the white coffers.

Folly Beach living room

A vivid yellow adds pizzazz to a white and gray kitchen

                         Photo by Tara Seawright Interior Design 

A deep gold ceiling adds interest and depth in this Folly Beach bath

Add volume to a room by painting the ceiling and walls the same color

                       Photo by Amy Werfel Interiors 

Darker ceilings create a more intimate space

                    Photo by Allison Cosmos 

Mr. H says: Remove the ceiling above your dreams and anything becomes possible-Enjoy!

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Design School: Color Green

It’s time to analyze another wildly popular color: Green.   A cool color, found in abundance in the natural world, it symbolizes fertility, abundance and good luck.  Green is shown to improve reading ability, reduce stress and produce an overall calming effect.  Family rooms and bedrooms are well suited in the color green.  However, I do not recommend intense green walls in a bath since the green reflection on one’s skin is not attractive.

The White House Green Room, with its intimate scale and distinctive color, serves as a state parlor and has been a favorite of Presidents and their families.

Green walls and paneling creates an ethereal feeling

Photo by Anthony Lindsey Photography 

Green combines well with many colors.  We used blue and green together in this master bedroom on Folly beach.  Take note of the pale green ceiling

J. Rhodes Interior Design Folly Beach
Green feels fresh and modern in a bath

Photo by S+H Construction 

Some must have greens

 Benjamin Moore Paints AF-450 Seedling

Thibaut Filigree Wallpaper Thibaut Filigree wallpaper

Duralee 20849 Duralee Fabric 20849-554 Kiwi

Mr. H says: Green is the prime color of our world which makes it so easy to use-Enjoy!