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How to design around the TV

Fortunately the era of “hiding” bulky televisions into custom cabinetry and furniture pieces is long over with the advent of the sleek flat screen versions of today. The television has become the focal point in most every room in the house. Read on for some of the best tips on placement, decor and storing components.

From an ergonomic perspective, anything with a screen should be viewed at eye level. A prone up or down viewing position is sure to cause neck and back issues down the road so consider TV placement carefully. Bob Vila has great tips on calculating the optimal viewing heights depending on your TV size and where its going.

If custom cabinetry is out of your budget, consider using modular shelving that can be built around your TV. With this solution, you can fill the space with more than just a black whole, adding color and character with books and accessories.

Jeffrey King Interiors

Incorporate your TV shape into a gallery wall behind and above your set, taking the focal point away from the black box in the room.

Photo: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking and Sarah Gibson for Room for Tuesday

The corner of a room is often an underutilized part of a standard space plan. By installing the TV into a corner it allows the fireplace or view become the focal point. There are lots of corner consoles and cabinets to suit your design style.

Ballard Designs

The TV is only half the equation when deciding placement since you’ll need some type of storage for the components and to hide the unsightly cords and wires. A cabinet or shelving will give you a place to stash your games and movies too.

Hammary Furniture

If you watch television only on occasions, explore hidden TV storage solutions. There are several cabinet lifting systems on the market that tuck your set away when not in use. A TV set on a rolling cart or a cabinet with casters is an easy DIY that allows you to wheel it out of the room and into storage when not in use.

Cabinet Tronix

Mr. H says: TV is window of illusion-Enjoy!

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Get organized in 2018!

Getting organized is a bandied about term for many in the new year but what does that truly mean?  There are hundreds of internet sites with helpful tips on getting organized by hanging peg board and buying baskets that while effective may not get to the root of your disorganization.  Stocking up on organizing products will not equate to an organized home.  The goal of being organized isn’t about neatening up but to creating a organized foundation for your home life.

Critically assess each room and figure out why the disorganization and mess are happening.  Dishes always piled in the sink may be that no one wants to unload the dishwasher since the cabinets are so cluttered.  By organizing the cabinets first, you’ll find that it is easier to keep the dishes out of the sink.

Photo by Holger Link

Clear away surface clutter.  Cluttered tables and floors make an entire room feel disorganized and can even alter how you feel and live in your space.   There is little room to prepare a snack let alone an entire meal in this kitchen.  Pare down to the essentials and toss, recycle or donate any items that you haven’t used in a long time.

Find a place for everything.  Most often, items pile up since they lack a home.  Set up a system to keep like items together, say candles for instance.  Keep candles and lighters together for easy access.  Returning items to the same location makes keeping an inventory easier thus preventing duplicate purchases.

Photo by David Prince

Hold off on container shopping. Clutter victims often think the solution to getting organized  is to stock up on containers and bins.  Shop for storage items only after you have an understanding of the specific problem, have tossed the inessentials and have formed an appropriate solution.   If the bins are hard reach or are not appropriate for what is being stored they will be ineffective and add to the chaos.

The Container Store

Start Small.  If the thought of organizing your entire kitchen is overwhelming start with the pantry or even one drawer.  Be sure to schedule enough uninterrupted time to de-clutter and organize.   You’ll most likely need more time than you think.

California Closets

Have one getaway.  If organizing your entire home is an impossible task, create at least one getaway to recharge from the chaos.  Consider ways that  your bedroom can inspire rest and rejuvenation on a daily basis.  Going to sleep and waking up in a well organized, clutter free space will put you in an improved mindset to tackle a busy day.

Photo by Jell Sheldon

Mr. H says: For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned-Enjoy!