color interior design

Six expert painting tips

Use these professional, no fail tips when you embark on your next interior painting project.

Give it a test run:  Paint several large samples on the wall around the entire room.   Never paint several sample colors side by as your eye will blend all the colors together.  If you are considering several shades, isolate each one to get an accurate read on how the color looks. See how it appears in all light levels including at night and on overcast days before deciding.

color design trends

Trendy Trim Colors

Break out of the design norm when selecting colors for your next painting project.  Similar to the white ceiling mantra found in so many homes, ask yourself “Why does the trim need to be white?”

While whitish trim is a safe bet and allows for the repainting of walls without changing the trim color, there is another neutral that complements a plethora of hues-black.

Photo by Hansen Architects, P.C.

Choosing to keep wood trim looking like wood provides instant warmth and coziness to a space.

Photo by OHDesign PC 

Trim colors that are darker than the walls highlight and define a room’s architectural details

Photo by reDesign home llc 

Expand a space’s size by painting the trim and walls in the same color.

Photo by Coats Homes

Mr. H says: Color can do anything that black and white can-Enjoy!